Buying Tips

Buying 247 There are many loan programs available but with interest rates near record lows, it may be advantageous for many Buyers to select a loan which requires a modest down payment.  Both the FHA Loan Program and Rural Development Loan Program offer this opportunity.  Both of these loan programs may be used in conjuction with the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit. Down payments, if required, may be gifted by a family member and Sellers are allowed to contribute to closing costs.  Not all Lenders are able to offer these programs.  If you would like assistance with any home loan program, contact Rick Mullen to be referred to a local Lender that will make you a priority. In most businesses, knowledge equals power, and real estate is certainly no exception.  We hope you enjoy the free home buyer reports and articles we've provided, and we hope you learn a little more about what it takes to make your important purchase a great one. When you're ready to act, contact Rick Mullen Realty Group.
  •  We fight on behalf of our buyers.
  •  We negotiate the absolute best price.
  •  We protect you.
  •  We simplify your transaction for you as much as possible.
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Selling Tips

Selling 247 The real estate market in Wausau is volatile, especially lately, and it takes an experienced professional team to move your house quickly, professionally, and profitably.  When you’ve decided to sell, we'll be your advocate, your guide, and your fierce negotiator. We'll work hard to make yours a great sale.  When it’s time to sell, you must be confident that every element of negotiating the best terms and the highest price has been set before your home is even listed. Home Evaluation 247 FREE Comparative Market Analysis for Wausau Sellers In order to get the best possible price for your  Wausau area home, we must prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your home.  Not only will we tell you what we feel your Wausau area home will sell for, we'll show you the best marketing strategy to get that price.  To provide a more detailed Comparative Market Analysis, we would be more than happy to also assess your listing in person. Simply enter your criteria below, and we will provide you with a speedy response. The more information given, the more accurate the evaluation.   Please indicate when you are thinking of selling and if you are moving within Wausau or relocating outside Wausau. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential. There is no obligation.